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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Steps To A Successful Web Hosting Business:

The high demand on Web Hosting services ensures an extensive market that can be penetrated with reliable services and the right branding strategy that differentiates you from the clutter.

What should not be forgotten is that web hosting is a business like any other; requiring the entrepreneurs to follow subsequent business ethics and practices. The number of Web Hosting business may have saturated the industry, however few have attained success. This is mainly caused by the overall attitude that a Web Hosting business is an opportunity to make a quick buck. No successful business has ever been an opportunity to make a quick buck.

Moving on, the brand strategy relies on the steps you take to stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. We shall leave this aspect of the business to you.

The services you choose however, relies completely on your service provider. The make or brake factor relies on the service provider you choose. The first step to choosing your service provider is that you must always look for the service provider that actually develops and maintains the services and products. Registrars are at the top on the chain. Registrars provide services to resellers who either serve registrants directly or resell these services to other resellers. Business sense dictates that Registrars are the sensible choice. Singing up with Registrars means drastic cut down on support time, increased reliability and most importantly premium services.

Even before you select your service provider, there are couple of things that you should consider:
  • Check the efficiency of the customer support team of the service provider, in terms of how fast they respond to your query and issues. They are reachable at any point of time. To check this, you should call at odd hours and see if they easily available to listen to your queries or issues.
  • How reliable are the service providers. You will have to check since how long they have been in the industry. There are many good companies which provide a certain amount of uptime depending upon which offer you have chosen. For example: They may offer an uptime of 95% for say $8 and 99% uptime for $12. It is better to pay more money than have any problem.
  • Check the control panel as it is the integral part, wherein you can control the functioning of the website. With a proper control panel, you can password protect directories, prevent image hotlinking, block certain IP addresses from coming to your site.
  • Check out the storage capacity of the server. If you will be loading the website with heavy files then you will have to check the limitation.
  • Check the bandwidth. There are packages which allow you to upgrade if you want to.
  • Check the statistics of your website. This will help you understand, which keywords were used to come to your website, the browser types, from which company the visitors are from, which page they have visited the most on your website, etc. With good statistical analysis programs, you should also be able to view Raw Access Logs for your Site, Disk Usage, Bandwidth Usage, Web Traffic Statistics, Error Logs and visitors demographics.
  • Email is an integral part of running a website. You will have to be expert in creating email addresses. Auto Responder, POP3 and Mail Forwarding is a must. It is not all that difficult if you have the rest of the tools. See to it that you have full control over your email hosting or you will have to be dependent on the service provider.
  • Check how much you will be paying each month. There are web hosting packages that range from $4.95 to $9.95 per month, which would satisfy the basic necessities. There are websites which give out offers throughout the year. Consider & understand all the features offered by the service provider and choose a good package irrespective of the cost
    If you plan to go for a free web hosting provider, than I would say it is not a good idea. There are many issues when it comes to free web hosting service providers, in terms of availability, service, and bandwidth. And there are these pop under ads that keep popping up, each time somebody visits your website. Hence it is advised that you should not compromise on the quality for some meager amount.
  • If you are looking for advanced hosting features then check out for MySQL and phpMyAdmin, PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin, PHP, Perl, CGI, Python and Tomcat. If you are just entering the world of web hosting, I would suggest that you don’t look for these advanced features.

A few simple but essential decisive factors that dictate the success of your Web Hosting business.

Source: http://www.ArticlePros.com/author.php?Sandra

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