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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is Web Hosting?

Here are some important definitions that help in the understanding of host sites:

Web site: is a set of programs and files that are presented in pages stored in a computer connected to the Internet, and can browse these pages by any user of the Internet was everywhere

Server: look like a computer is very high specifications and special operating system storing programs and files that are of websites, so that visitors to the sites of the pages on the Internet.

Host : is a set of servers related to each other, which contains the contents of the site can access other computers via the Internet, thought of hosting as the person who has a drug and ask for rent, after the building owner that the property, offered to any person wishing To rent the place who can not build or buy their own property. .. So, get a place to stay for a specific sum.. And be able to stay in the building and furnishing changed commensurate with the tastes and needs, and the maintenance of the house is the responsibility of the owner. It is the same in the service of hosting sites, where hosting companies rent space on a particular server for the site location is different and every shape and size on the responsibility of maintenance, while the server is the responsibility of hosting company.

What should be taken into account in the optional package suitable to host the site?

There are three key things to be taken into account when selecting your hosting package, namely:

• the size of your site, the estimated number of pages and site content, including these pages (the number of images, sound files, video files or other) .. The more pages and files and photos .. whenever so requested more space.?
• How many people who expect their visit to your site in the most crowded days, the more the number of visitors whenever the rate of monthly data transfer over.
• How many e-mail you want to your site? If you have several titles such as electronic mail (email@example.com).
Can I publish my web pages using FrontPage 2002 program?

Yes, you can do so, FrontPage 2002 program to disseminate and develop web pages quickly and easily.

Do I need to host b IP?

B IP host a special means to be a unique address for each site, not shared with any other sites on the same server. The majority of sites hosted on IP through a common, and Spider Web Medm customers do not need to host b IP particular, and in any case that I thought to host a special b IP, you can access this service after the payment of additional minor

Situations that might need to host a special b IP are:

• If you want to use your site through the FTP and also when the use of the domain name does not work or the stage of the waiting period.
• If you want your technical work under primitive browsers as well as old.
• internal network to a company and what was known as the intranet.
• If you need to respond in private browser and download.
• You can get to host your own IP b compared to only 5 dinars per month

it registered the domain name that belongs to me?

No one can own the domain name forever, Vosme scale are booked a year for a fee simple, this period and the beginning of the year up to ten years. So can say that the domain name belongs to you in case of maintaining the payment of annual fees for this name, in the case of stopping to pay the fees, Vilgy this name becomes available for others to register .. And to avoid the loss of the domain name is the title of your business and your advised scored for a long time in advance. Important Note: when registering the domain name, please make sure the data indicate the person or entity which owns the domain name, many of the companies registration and hosting is not placing the author's site domain name, which means that a domain name is no longer the person who is believed to have a site, We must distinguish between data obtained the domain name and data hosting, you get to Monday.

Why not have web pages should be? What kind of files supported?

Elsafahat regular or simple is supposed to be completed along. Html or. Htm files and SSI) server-side include) must end in. Shtml to present, CGI files must end in. Cgi or. Pl in the case of write b perl, files PHP also must end in. Php for the offering. If did not specify the name of the file in your browser and the URL at the time of writing the search for the server page index, for example, index.html, index.htm, index.shtml, index.php, and in the case of a index.html, and at the same index.php File or in the same location will be displayed index.html The reason for this is that the order of presentation has been prepared in advance on the server this way. I hope accurate when naming files, for example, index.html, and Index.html and index.HTML are three different names.

What happens when you bypass the specific amount of data transfer me?

Rarely exceed our customers the amount of data specific to them, Plans developed by the spider has been developed that offers carefully developed over the use of the normal rate, and usually is not the use of 1 or 2 gigabytes. Was developed to suit the nature of each site, it is important during the registration taking into account the need for each site, where the need is determined as the project itself. Talk to our customers and help them to choose the appropriate type size of hosting them, in the case exceeded the amount of data specific to your site, there will be no Spider Web site to suspend or repeal ago tell you, but you will be contacted to be agreed to add the amount of data transfer. It can also develop the existing data transfer rate to the size of the largest ... The pay difference is that value or reduce the amount of data transfer. If you think you might need to transfer the amount of data than existing hosting plan you choose Vinsah that with this in mind from the outset.

Why not be the amount of data transfer unlimited?

There are some companies that give the amount of data transfer unlimited, as may Ibdollmstkhaddm ordinary lucrative offer ... But if I found the Convention on the use of such companies, you will find that these companies the right to suspend or cancel Inmark site without further notice or if they feel that you have used a large amount of data transfer a month, usually putting it under the excessive use and contrary to Terms of Use and consider a breach, and that they had been forced to stop the pretext of protecting their clients site located on the same server. This confirms that there is a limit to the amount of data transfer and there is no so-called data transfer rate is limited, and this also applies to the area. Spider Web Libyan offer special size, a large amount of data transfer for each, has also been suspended in the case of electronic disruption site has exceeded the amount of the transfer of specific data, and will inform you in the event crossed the line. You can through the control panel of your control the amount of data transmission, and if your site requires an increase in the amount of data transfer, you do so contact us and request it ... Addendum 1 GB cost 10 Libyan dinars.

Publish My Profile or where my pages?

When you calculate your site through ftp will find yourself in volume as the main Contains a total of the files, click on the folder / public_html / Within this folder, you can publish your files and your pages.

A name is supposed to save the Menkl Home folder?

Home designation of the site or in each volume at the site varies from server to server, most servers equipped with the same pre-processing, network servers Spider-adjusted as such by the order: index.html index.htm index.php Please make sure that a one-page the same name In the case of index of more pages of the same name, but along different pages will be displayed in the order in question will be ignored by pages ranking as the second or third mentioned.

What do you mean volumes in the main volume?

piblic_html is the place which is supposed publish all your files and your pages it will be presented only Imakant within this folder. www Another name for a folder public_html. mail is the place where everything related to store e-mail. public_ftp is Almkat on which the store files for download using ftp. This place used to disseminate general files where anyone can access and download the files without the use of username or password, and this feature is activated in the event.

The remaining volumes are a series of jobs depended upon your site please do not remove or change those files under any circumstances, delete or change that causes problems may depend on your work in the case of tampering with these files.

Why not show the home page of my site show instead a list of files?

This is because
there is no default (index), In this case, all your visitors will see is a list of files found at the site Tcefham to your site.