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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why You Need Paid Web Hosting

Lots of web hosting service providers are offering identical packages today. And hence it will be difficult for you to choose the right web hosting service for your web site. Choosing the best suited web hosting plan is very important for a smooth running web site. Due to unsuitability in the web hosting plan, one can face losses by decreasing sales, or even losing customers. There are some important factors that have to be considered before buying a web hosting solution.

Web hosting plans that are available on the Internet differ in their pricing. There are some free web hosting plans too. While free hosting plans are meant for personal, non commercial web sites, the paid ones will be good for business web sites. Free web hosting solutions always have certain kinds of restrictions, most unacceptable to any respectable business.

Disk Space or Storage Space Restrictions

As one's web site is a collection of files being offered on the Internet for viewing, it is necessary to store them somewhere for retrieval. These files are stored in the web servers offered by the web hosting service provider. Most of the free web hosting solutions offer a little storage space (say) 500 Mb or even less than that. This space will not be adequate for a business web site. Even a personal web site with many video and music files cannot be accommodated in so little space. Paid web hosting will let you get the desired server space for your files. If you need more space for storing files you can expand by paying a little extra.

Web Traffic restrictions

Business promotions can cause large amount of traffic flowing to a website. And that's what the business websites are meant for. However, the free hosting service providers allow only limited traffic to your website. Most of the free web hosts allow 5 GB (max) of traffic to your website. Once the traffic to your website crosses the limit, your website won't be visible to the public. The paid web hosts allow much greater traffic which is indispensable for business website

Email Account Restrictions

The free web hosting solutions often provide only 2-5 email accounts for the users. If your business organization needs email addresses assigned to all your employees, you will not be able to do that with the help of free hosts. Paid web hosts allow a greater number of user email accounts (at least 50) to be created.

No Tools and Applications

Paid web hosting packages include tools and applications that are needed to tweak or modify a website. The applications will be ready-made and can be used in a website with ease. The tools include virus protection, privacy tools, etc. None of these tools or applications will be available with the free hosting packages.

This is why you need paid hosting for creating a good web site.

The Author of this article is an expert on web technologies. He has been in the web hosting field for more than 6 years. With his extensive knowledge about web hosting and web design, he has helped many people pick the best suited web hosting package based on their needs. When it comes of web hosting companies, he prefers hosting.bygeekz.com


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